Top Tank Toilet Sink Recycle Water Gray Japan Japanese Style Top Vanity Combo TV




Wash your hands with the clean water, leaving the soapy water to clean your toilet when flushed! Sink Twice is a major water saver, leak detector and a space saver. Our patent pending “fill cycle diversion” faucet is a significant leap ahead of our competition in water efficiency. The basin has plenty of room on the flat soap holder for foam soap containers and the drain is specifically designed to prevent splashes. For toilet tanks wider than 16.75 inches (with the lid off), please also buy the Sink Twice expansion kit. This is applicable for approximately 29% of our buyers. Sink Twice is also safely modifiable with a belt sander (typically for very close fits). Please contact seller with specific modification questions. Sink Twice is designed to function best with Universal valves (i.e. Fluidmaster, Korky and common ball and valve combinations). FluidMaster 400A is best if you need a valve. Sink Twice is compatible with gravity fed (not jet fed or tankless) toilets. For new projects, the best for all around performance and compatibility are the Gerber 1.28 GPF or Delta 1.28 GPF toilets. 1.28 GPF toilets are generally a good fit. Often, toilets with 1.6 GPF or higher are larger than our 17″ Sink Twice and for those we recommend ordering together with our expander kit. 1.6 GPF toilets in particular should be carefully measured to determine if an expander kit is necessary (wider than 16.75″ with the tank lid off) or if the expansion kit is not necessary (16.75″ and smaller). Higher than 1.6 GPM toilets are generally wider than 16.75″ and we recommend purchasing our expander kit with this purchase to fit such toilets as a default. We pride ourselves in quality, efficiency, and customer service. We are a 100% family-owned Colorado company with 100% Colorado production, design, ownership, and customer service. Our installation video is available at .

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Significant Water Saver
  • Excellent Space Saver
  • Detects Toilet Leaks
  • Large Soap Dish Is Perfect for Dispensers
  • Compatible with Many Different Toilets and even more with the Sink Twice Expansion kit (sold separately)


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