Nest Thermostat




* Google Nest offers a Thermostat Trim Kit Sold Separately. Not compatible with Nest Learning Thermostat or Nest Thermostat E

** Find out if your home requires the Nest Power Connector to be compatible with Nest thermostats at If you purchase pro install with your Nest Thermostat, you do not need to purchase the Nest Power Connector.

1 Google does not perform your installation and has no responsibility or liability for the installation. We partner with Handy and OnTech, who are independent of Google. Handy is a platform for home services that connects individuals to professional installation partners, including OnTech, who will install your Google Nest Products. The professional installer connected to you is not an employee, subcontractor, or agent of Google. For your convenience you can pay for your installation through Google Store, but Google accepts the payment on behalf of Handy, whose network of licensed installers perform the installation.


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